chilean flamingos in flight over andes mountains

Journey’s to the end of the world

Since 2007 Ben has been leading a series of very special workshops.

The destination is Patagonia, one of nature’s last true wildernesses, where Ben guides for a series of photographic tours for Aventura Argentina Ltd.

From 10 days to 3 weeks, Aventura is offering the tour as a bespoke holiday. Participants will be able to design their own itinerary in consultation with Aventura’s directors and Ben himself. Together we’ll plan a once in a lifetime itinerary, including:

- hiking into the Patagonian Andes to get up close and personal with condors
- exploring the marine life on the Valdez Peninsula, the beach where David Attenborough’s infamous footage of killer whales catching seals was shot
- landscape workshops in the UNESCO National Parks in the deep south, including Mount Fitzroy, the Patagonian Icecap and the Perito Moreno glacier

The tour will be led by Ben and accompanied by one of Aventura’s directors. Wherever possible we will travel overland to maximise the chances of stopping for those close encounters with wildlife and to make the most of Patagonia’s ever-changing landscapes light conditions.

As such, the maximum number of participants will be 6, with a minimum of 2.

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