In Darwin’s Footsteps

Ben’s new exhibition has recently opened at the Manchester Museum. Here is an excerpt from the press:

The Manchester Museum is hosting an exhibition of the spectacular landscapes and wildlife of South America, In Darwin’s Footsteps, which combines Darwin’s evocative words on the wildlife and landscapes he saw, with breathtaking images from Ben Hall, one of the UK’s leading nature photographers.

In Darwins Footsteps

 Ben Hall’s photographs capture landscapes that have changed little since Darwin’s time. Enduring ferocious Fuegian storms and camping in freezing winds, he went on his own journey of discovery. Hall’s photographs are presented alongside Charles Darwin’s own words from his famous book The Voyage of the Beagle, published in 1845.

 Commenting on his photographs, Ben Hall said ‘From the very beginning of my career as a wildlife photographer I felt drawn towards South America. Its diverse and remote landscapes and wildlife appealed to me far more than the ‘honey pot’ locations of Africa and North America. As a photographer, you always want to do something new.’

 ‘The weather played its part in the Beagle Channel just as it did for Darwin, and we endured some typically ferocious Fuegian storms. However, the amazing light and storm clouds created some of my favourite shots from the trip. One of my dreams was to photograph condors in their mountain habitat.’

 Darwin spent more time in South America than he did anywhere else when voyaging on the Beagle during 1831-36. His popular account of his experiences, The Voyage of the Beagle became a bestseller.

In Darwin’s Footsteps runs from 5 September 2009 to 31 January 2010.

Wild Britain

Ben’s exhibition, “’Wild Britain” was officially opened by the Director of Manchester Museum at the University of Manchester, in July, 2006. Originally scheduled to run until February 2007, it was extended by a further six months to meet the demand from visitors. Twenty eight large framed prints, a collection of some of Ben’s favourite images took the viewer on a journey through the seasons.

Visitors were welcomed by a gigantic print of Ben’s sprinting fox image, covering an entire wall.

Wild Britain exhibition.


A caption accompanied each picture. The first half, written by Ben, provided the story behind the image; the second half, written by naturalist Henry McGhie, gave a scientific description of the subject. A video screen set into the wall played an interview with Ben, giving visitors an insight into his work.

Wild Britain turned out to be the most successful exhibition this prestigious venue has ever had, and saw thousands of visitors throughout the year.

Wild Britain exhibition

If you are an exhibition curator and would like to enquire about hiring Wild Britain for your venue, please contact the office.

Each image from the Wild Britain series is for sale as a limited edition signed print at various sizes both framed and unframed.