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Wild Bear Workshops

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

I’ve been working recently with Tatra Photography to develop an area of the Carpathian mountains for wild bear photography. This section of the High Tatras forms the highest part of the Carpathians where the peaks exceed 2,600 meters. This unspoilt wilderness is teaming with wildlife. We have been monioring the area with camera traps over a 12 month period and during this time we have accumulated a massive amount of images. The target species is of course brown bears, of which we have recorded many different individuals including adult males, females and cubs! Other species have shown up regularly too, including deer, fox, badgers, wild boar and golden eagles. We are also very excited to have captured two of the most important and elusive european predators, wolf and lynx! Wolves have been frequenting the area in good numbers, one of Europe’s most iconic predators!

The hides have now been built and the area is being baited for the first group of clients who arrive next month. I will be tutoring on these courses and we have several places left. To take advantage of this amazing opportunity please visit Tatra Photography at:

Here are some images captured by the camera traps as well as shots of one of the brand new hides.