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Land of Fire and Ice

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

Well I think it’s about time for a blog update! I’ve just been on a great trip to Iceland to photograph Orcas and the Aurora Borealis. I went with Matt from Tatra Photography to do a recce as we’ll be doing workshops each year for Orcas and birds starting from 2014 – details coming soon! Our main priority for this trip was to see what opportunities there were for Orca photogaphy, but also to check out locations up and down the West coast of Iceland for birds.

To photograph the Orcas we headed out on a boat around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula to the Grundarfjordur bay. At this time of year the Orcas head to this point to feed on herring and we had some spectacular close encounters. At times the whales were approaching within meters of the boat. To take full advantage of the awesome landscape and increasingly beautiful light I shot mostly with a 17-40mm lens to capture the killer whales in their environment.

Of course we were also hoping for good Northern Light displays and we weren’t disappointed. Too much cloud scuppered our chances on the first 3 nights, but then finally the forecast was for clearer skies and strong Aurora activity. We headed out at about 10:30pm to a large fjord that was surrounded by snow capped mountains. As soon as we pulled up the sky started to light up, and sure enough we were treated to one of the most intense Aurora displays since September last year. The whole sky was dancing with flickering green waves, and at one point the light was so intense it was reflected in the entire fjord. We visited 4 or 5 locations during the display until it started to fade at around 3am. It was an amazing experience to witness such strong Northern Lights and it’s something I will never forget. Iceland really is a photographer’s paradise – I can’t wait to go back.

Here are some of my favourites.