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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Throughout much of autumn and winter I’ll be concentrating my efforts on some of the UK’s owls and raptors. I’ve been working on a sparrowhawk project for the past few months and plan on spending more time on this over the coming winter. I was especially ┬ákeen to secure images of this bird in its natural, woodland habitat. Its short, rounded wings are ideal for hunting in dense woodland and their uncanny manoeuvrability can see them thread a course through even the most dense foliage. It is completely silent as it ┬áhurtles towards its prey, using the element of surprise as its main advantage. Often, the first sign I had of the bird approaching were the frantic alarm calls from other woodland birds.






Wild bears of Slovakia

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

I’ve just returned from the Tatra mountains of Slovakia where I’ve been leading a wild bear workshop. This beautiful area forms part of the Carpathian mountain range and is covered in large areas of completely unspoilt forest, home to brown bear, lynx, wolf, wild boar and much more.

The workshop I was tutoring was for Tatra Photography and I’ll be doing this trip regularly, as well as a bird of prey tour to the Czech Republic, an eagle workhop in Hungary and a tour of the Galapagos Isands, and more are to be planned.

This workshop was very successful with every client securing shots of the bears. I’ll be returning to the same area in October to help develop another area of the forest. We’ll be building more photography hides, and siting these in areas that will give clients the maximum potential for stunning shots of these amazing animals in their natural habitat.